Group Training

Quality Safety Training not only offers discount pricing for groups, but also provides an incredibly easy management tool to track your group's training. Using our Training Manager service, you can track each individual's exam results, and print or save your custom group training PDF report. It's Easy, High Quality, and Afforable!

Any group can take advantage of this service, regardless of the number of students taking our training. It's a great way to help organizations document their training!

Group Pricing

To qualify for discounted pricing, a one-time payment by check or credit card must be made in advance of your organization's training. Discounts do not apply to shipping charges, if applicable.

# of StudentsDiscount
1 to 240%
25 to 495%
50 to 9910%

Example: 125 students @ $12.99 = $1623.75 - 15% discount = $1380.19 ($243.56 Savings)

Request Organization Account

You should request an organization account if you would like:

  • to use our Training Manager tool, and/or
  • discounted pricing

Please provide the following information. Once recieved, we will establish your organization account and provide you with a price quote if you qualify.

Organization Name:

Contact Name:

Contact Email:

Contact Phone:

Which certification do you require? (select one)
755 Bloodborne Pathogens
756 Bloodborne Pathogens in Healthcare Settings

How many individuals require training?

Who will be purchasing the certification?
Note: Discounts only apply to one-time payments made in advance of your organization's training
The organization (one-time payment)
The individual (seperate payment per person)